Do you own a blog or an ecommerce store? Do you find SEO (search engine optimization)a little hard? Have you tried to learn SEO from different blogs and experts? If your answer is yes, then maybe you too have landed on those blogs where author claims to be an expert but it is hard to understand anything he talks about. There are plenty of them. They use so many technical terms that an average person might leave the idea of SEO.

SEO is not actually hard

If you could learn the fundamentals, you would realize that SEO is actually not that hard. There is a secret that most of the experts are hiding from you.

The biggest SEO secret that all the experts are hiding

Every time you visit a new blog try to learn SEO, all they could tell you, is to create lots of backlinks. You might not know about it, but you can be penalized for creating tons of backlinks. Google might see it as backlink spam. Also refrain yourself from PBN (private blogging network).

The secret to rank number one on Google or any other search engine is your content. Yes, you heard it right. Google’s algorithm RankBrain keeps a record of the average amount of time spent by searchers on your webpage. If people are spending 2-3 minutes on your webpage, it considers it good and improves your ranking. On the other hand, if people are bouncing off your webpage in a few seconds your ranking would decrease.

So you must invest on the content you are producing and make it better so people spend more time on your webpage.

Hire an expert to do the job

You can also hire an agency to help you with this. For good seo services thailand is a great place. You can find some decent companies that could help you with your SEO with affordable budget.