5 Red Flags You Need to Be Aware of When Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Singapore

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Finding the best criminal lawyer to assist you requires research. Before you hire one, you need to be aware of warning signs that should tell you to reconsider your decision. In this article, you will learn about these five red flags to watch out for in a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore.

Lack of Communication

In Singapore, the best criminal lawyer establishes clear communication between them and their client. Be hesitant to hire an attorney who fails to be in touch with you frequently. The success of your case depends on whether your lawyer maintains communication with you.

Ignores Deadlines

When you are in a legal case, there are numerous deadlines or essential dates you need to remember. However, you might forget some of them. The attorney you hired from one of the criminal law firms in Singapore should remind you constantly of upcoming deadlines as missing them can have serious consequences. If they don’t remind you of crucial dates, it is time to find another criminal defence lawyer.

Constant Self-Promotion

While there is no harm when your criminal defence lawyer promotes their services, too much of this is a sign of an overinflated ego. 

Condescending Attitude

You are hiring a top criminal lawyer in Singapore to assist you in your legal case. They are there to explain to you everything you need to know. If their explanation is condescending, you may not have the best legal representative. Additionally, another red flag you might expect to notice in a condescending lawyer is their refusal to listen to your opinions, which may lead to poor choices.

No Client Testimonials to Share

If you are looking for defamation lawyers in Singapore, you need a legal representative with enough experience to provide you with the best service possible. If your attorney refuses to show you testimonies from their previous clients, it is possible that they either don’t have one or their customers were not satisfied with them.
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