Not all marriages end in a happy ending. Unlike Disney movies, princesses find their prince charming and live happily ever after. The reality is much more different than this representation. Relationships also require hard work, understanding, patience, and genuine love. Without this, relationships may fail if both parties don’t exert effort. Marriages can also lead to failures if one commits grave mistakes like cheating. So, some ended up undergoing a Singapore divorce process. 

However, before you proceed with the divorce process, you must learn about the things to consider to make the process less stressful. Yes, divorce can make you emotional so prepare yourself with these reminders for the divorce process.

5 Things To Consider Before Proceeding With Singapore Divorce Process

Divorce is not an easy thing to experience. You’ll feel defeated, emotional, betrayed, and depressed. The process will also be challenging because you must undergo hearing and signing documents. Reaching the grounds for divorce in Singapore can also add another problem for the entire process. To prepare for the procedure, here are the five things to consider before proceeding with your divorce process. 

1. Span Of Marriage

Before qualifying for divorce, you must have been for three years before processing the divorce procedure. If lower than this and you see a problem with your partner, you may seek other legal help to solve your dilemmas. You may consider Deeds of Separation if you haven’t reached the three-year mark. Make sure to prioritise yourself when negative things happen in your marriage. 

2. Satisfy The Court That The Marriage Is Not Working

Convince the court that the marriage is not working and the best solution is to part ways. Although there are grounds for divorce in Singapore, you can still share your personal experience on why divorce is the best option. Therefore, you can save yourself from a toxic relationship. 

3. Prepare The Necessary Documents

As you decide on your divorce, you must also prepare the necessary documents, whether getting a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore for your marriage. With this, you can speed up the process and make the situation less stressful. You can ask your lawyers what papers you need to acquire for divorce.

4. Consider The Welfare Of Your Children

When getting a divorce, you must also consider the welfare of your children. How will the divorce affect the childhood of your kids? Will the divorce cause a negative impression on the children? You can also call for a child psychiatrist to help them through the rough patch. So they can adjust to the changes during the Singapore divorce process.

5. Talk About The Cost

Of course, the divorce in Singapore cost will be expensive, so make sure you have prepared a budget for the process. You can prevent money problems that will lead to more complications. Talk with your partner civilly to arrange the money responsibility.