In case you do not know it yet, webinars or live web-based seminars are considered as one of the most economical marketing techniques. Furthermore, a study has shown that around 87% of marketers state that this tool is effective. However, in order to pull off a successful one, you must undergo thorough webinar planning — plus, you must also ensure that your upcoming online event is well-promoted.

If you are hosting a webinar for your business, we are glad to be of help. This article spills nine secrets to promoting your endeavor without necessarily breaking the bank.

Create a stellar video teaser. Nearly 90% of marketing experts use video as a promotional tool — and there is a good reason why: 5 out of 10 consumers prefer to see more video content from businesses they follow. What better way to promote a video-heavy event like a webinar than a creatively done video teaser?

Make the most of your website. By creating a special banner and a page for your webinar promotion, you can have a dedicated platform where you can explain more details about your upcoming event such as its time and date, and the platform that you will be using. You can also embed an online registration form.

Post to webinar listing sites. These portals already boast a captured audience — people who are proactively looking for webinars they want to attend. So, make it a point to include promoting your event to webinar listing sites to your webinar planning.

Take advantage of your social media pages. Many online users spend their time on their gadgets and devices browsing through social media platforms such as Facebook. Maximize your social media pages by posting catchy advertisements there — including your video teaser and the link to promotional page of your webinar.

Send invites via e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is a form of targeted advertising. To reach your desired audience members in a cost-effective way, do not forget to send an invite to your consumers via their e-mails.

Tap your own employees. When creating a webinar planning and you are already at the phase of devising ways to promote your activity, do not forget to make use of your very own human resources. Using zero expenses, they can be tapped to include your webinar-related links to their e-mail signatures.

Tap a reliable influencer. If your budget still allows, you can also tap a reliable influencer who maintains a good reputation in your business niche. In the past years, companies are utilizing influencer marketing to attract a targeted audience — which can be considered potentially high quality leads.

Hand out promotional materials at trade shows. Speaking of quality leads, the majority of the attendees of trade shows and related events also belong to the said category. If you are hosting a series of webinars, you should also consider handing out promotional materials in this type of gatherings.

Roll out a press release. This is a strategic promotional move especially if the topic you will be discussing is particularly meaty and interesting to many. Write a brief yet informative PR and send them to your trusted industry journalists.

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