A staggeringly high fee is one of the reasons why couples do not contest the divorce or not file for divorce at all. Divorce can be expensive, and most people think it is because of the family lawyer fees in Singapore. Your lawyer’s rate is one thing, but there are other factors that make up the divorce costs.

Here are the things that make your divorce expensive:

1. Family lawyer

The service of lawyers, whether a family attorney or a criminal lawyer in Singapore, can be expensive. Every minute your lawyer works on your case gets recorded on your bill. Expect the hourly rate of the most experienced family lawyer to be high.

2. Contested divorce

In family law in Singapore, there is uncontested and contested divorce. Uncontested divorce is a much shorter process than a contested divorce. 

In a contested divorce, you or your lawyer attends court trials to sort out disputes in the agreement. A contested divorce is a long, tedious process your family lawyer in Singapore works on. The longer the process, the more you pay your lawyer.

3. Court fees

Another drawback of a contested divorce is countless court fees. You pay for the documents filing fees, and court hearing fees, amongst others. 

4. Professional fees

Besides your family lawyer in Singapore, you also have to pay other professionals you may need all throughout the divorce process.

You may need tax experts to sort out property and alimony issues. Forensic accountants who will uncover hidden assets. Private divorce coaches and mediators to guide you on this journey and psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners who will deal with the emotional toll of divorce on you and your children.

5. Monetary support

Division of assets and property, child support, and alimony or spousal support will also cost one party after the divorce.

Don’t worry; there are some tricks that will help you reduce the cost of the divorce process.

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