Finding The Right Moneylender For Your Personal Or Business Loan Needs

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Whether you need a personal or business loan in Singapore, one thing that will pop into your mind is which moneylender you are going to approach. It’s typical for most people to look for the best moneylender they can find in their local area whenever they are facing a financial crisis.

Today, one can acquire fast money loans now, even online. Financial crunches and troubles are something we ought to avoid and patch by finding online loans in Singapore. A quick loan option is an appealing solution for financial setbacks.

Regardless if you need financing for your house renovation, medical treatment or maintenance for your vehicle, one can find the right options they need. However, it takes a considerable amount of time to pick the perfect moneylender in the first place for your personal or business loan.

Finding An Ideal Moneylender In Singapore

Do you really need a moneylender for your loan? It’s worth understanding that moneylenders can have higher interest rates on loans than other banks. On the other hand, other moneylenders can be more ‘friendly’ by having lower interest rates and providing protection to their clients.

Whether you’re planning to apply for a business or personal loan in Singapore, submitting a loan application for outsourcing a licensed moneylender can provide you with more excellent loan deals. It takes time to find the ones that appeal and suit your requirements. Sure, it does demand an amount of effort. But it is worth your time if you seek to find the ideal licensed moneylender you can trust for financing solutions.

Many still fear falling to the wrong moneylender. On the other hand, some convince themselves that finding a good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Whether you’re opting for a business or an urgent cash loan in Singapore, here are a few things to consider when finding an ideal licensed moneylender:

Examining online reviews

If you’ve found single or multiple moneylenders that seem to catch your attention according to their price and requirements, ensure that you learn more about their reliability and credibility. Apart from doing background research about their firm, one must consider reading and examining online reviews from different sources and forums. Every licensed moneylender must register under the Ministry of Laws, which you can find on their website.

So before you decide on online loans, check if they have good reviews from previous customers. Such external reviews from other sites can serve as a reliable source of the moneylender’s service and what you can expect from them. It gives you an idea of which ones to avoid and which ones to choose.

Compare different moneylenders.

To reach the best moneylender for your financing needs, you can make a comparison on various local moneylenders that you can find. Apart from researching and reading what you can find online, you can get the necessary information by making a few phone calls with them. Have the most vital information written down and compare it to others. From the requirements down to the interest rates, you can find which one suits you off the bat.

One red flag you need to watch out for in moneylenders is those who attempt to ask for private information from you. However, a legal moneylender will not provide complete background information about their firm. So whether you’re planning for a personal or business loan, ensure that you make a comparison first.

Enquire with people who have experience.

Finding the right online money lender that offers excellent online loans deals can be hard to come by. However, there are good chances that your friends and loved ones might have experienced borrowing money from a licensed moneylender at some point in time. You can enquire by asking questions and suggestions about which one they can refer to you or if they know the best moneylender that their friends or relatives know.

Identifying Legal & Illegal Moneylenders


It’s a good idea to learn how you can identify legal and illegal moneylenders once you are planning to borrow money from them. Ending up with an illegal moneylender can put you in lots of trouble along the way. Hence if you are looking for online loans for your personal or business application, here are ways to identify and differentiate between legal and illegal moneylenders:

Legal money lenders use contract signing.

It is a requirement and order under Singapore law to require money lenders to sign-up a loan contract with their borrowers. The contract should include information, such as the payment schedule, the fees included in the payment charges and the interest rate.

If a moneylender refuses or is ready to provide you cash without signing up a contract, reject it. A contract provides a transaction record, and a legal moneylender will conduct a contract before lending you money for your personal or business loan needs.

Illegal moneylenders are reluctant to explain terms and conditions.

Another waving red flag that is obvious and identifiable with illegal moneylenders is found in the aspect of terms and services. Regardless if you’re looking for a business or personal loan from them, an illegal moneylender or scammer will not provide or explain the details about the loan’s terms and conditions.

On the other hand, a legal moneylender will provide you with all the necessary info you need, including the costs and due date of repayment. It is the responsibility of a licensed moneylender to grant what the borrower needs to know beforehand.

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