If you are living in an apartment where you don’t have enough space for a full-size bed, and you are looking for some cost-effective and space-saver bed designs, then a queen wall bed is all that you are looking for. No doubt that these types of beds are primarily designed to use in home areas that can not be used as a bedroom.

Having this kind of bed, you are able to convert your guest room into a bedroom by simply folding out a wall bed for your unplanned and impromptu guests. When they suddenly come to your home for a stay, you can simply fold out the bed for them, and when they pack their bags, you can fold the bed back into the wall.

You can use your wall bed whenever needed and can convert your living room into a bedroom, and when your guests leave, you can have back the full use of your living room without any issue of inconvenient bed occupying the space.

Wall beds have successfully replaced the need of hiding the beds behind the wall robes or doors. With the facility of a wall bed, you can have unlimited options. You can utilize it as an integral piece of furniture. When you fold it back to the wall in an upright position, you can make its backside as a bookshelf, fold-down table, drawers, or a home office study desk.

Basically, these types of beds are built on a spring-loaded system. They have legs that can be automatically folded when you raise the bed in an upright position and can easily tuck the bed away with just a single motion. There are countless benefits and reasons why you should purchase a queen murphy bed. Some are listed below:


Undoubtedly, space-saving is the top reason why you should invest in queen size murphy beds. Unlike other foldable beds that take space under your full-size bed, in a corner, cupboard, and in a wardrobe, the wall beds never take any additional space in your room.

It is folded in a vertical position and able to free a lot of floor space which you can use for multipurpose. Whether you are already living in a small apartment or want to have a convertible space, then these beds are great to consider.

Ease of use:

No doubt that these beds are very easy and effortless to use. These models are designed in such a way that they can be stored and folded easily without the need for effort and expert help. You can easily pull down the bed and sleep on it comfortably. And when it comes to folding them back, children can easily stow them back in an upright position when needed.

Fun to use:

These beds are not like the static and standard style beds that are boring. These beds are fun to use and blend with decoration easily. They come in a variety of styles and designs, and you have a lot of options to choose from. People get easily attracted to these beds as they are so easy to use and add a charm to the space where you are using them.

Surprise your friends:

They make a great conversation piece. You can surprise your friends and entertain them by tricking them if they have no idea about these beds. When they come to your home, you can make them fascinated with these beds.

Friends or family can stay:

This bed can be used as an extra or a spare bed concept. You can host a movie night in your home and call your friends or family members, and you can use this space for sleeping. Therefore, you would not have any problem calling your friends for a stay at night.

Having a queen wall bed makes it easy for you to save a lot of space, money and retain the style of your room with these great pieces of furniture.