The advantage of video review is with 2 to 3 videos that you create from the same product with a different script, you already make sales. You can use this strategy to promote any product. The advantage of this strategy for the product creator is that it will have several affiliates talking about the product well on the internet. The producer’s brand is famous.

Blog review

It’s the same thing as the video review. The difference is that you use text and images to describe the benefits of the product.

Before using this strategy, check the producer’s rules to find out what is allowed or not allowed. These are the 2 methods of making money fast with affiliate marketing. You can also invest in a niche channel on YouTube and a niche blog, they give more results, but it takes more time. For you to be successful with a niche channel, you need to produce a lot of content. It is the same with niche blog. Now I recommend reading their reviews  and have the best deal.

Master tips to help you succeed with affiliate marketing

Create a digital bait

The purpose of digital bait is to attract the right audience. You can create an ebook and make it available on your blog / website for download.

  • You will use the ebook to promote your affiliate link. Or if it is a producer it will be used to link the main product sales page. Create rich, well-structured, organized content and save it in PDF format. When addressing the topic in the ebook, you will promote your link, but without SPAM. Place the link in strategic areas of the ebook.
  • You can also create a free mini course online as digital bait. And at the end of the course, you indicate the product. That is, you deliver free content to attract audiences, then you deliver paid content (product).

Anyone who downloads the ebook or watches the mini course will think “If the free material is good, imagine the payment?”

Do email marketing to leverage sales

Email marketing increases sales

The purpose of the digital bait is to capture the visitor’s email (lead). The visitor will have to inform the e-mail to download the ebook or to be able to watch the free course. Assuming that you cannot sell through the link inside the ebook, as you have the visitor’s email, you can send email strings to persuade the customer to buy the product. Generally, when the person leaves the e-mail and does not buy, it is because they still have doubts, fears about the product you promote. So the idea is for you to provide more quality content for free and then make new offers.