Car insurance is crucial if you have a car. Moreover, it is mandatory in order to drive a vehicle on the roads in Singapore. Ought to you not having insurance as well as start your journey when driving, you might be fined as much as $1,000, jailed up to 3 months, or both. Furthermore, you might have your driving license withdrawn for as much as twelve months.

Other than the charges pointed out, getting into any vehicle crash is undesirable as it causes a big dent in your pocket combined with the numerous procedures that follow.

Before, getting car insurance in Singapore, you must look into car insurance promotion. The same thing that you do when looking for other insurance such as best hospital income insurance.

Top Considerations When Getting the Best Car Insurance in Singapore


Insurance coverage costs are the monetary quantity you are needed to spend for insurance coverage.

Settlement for the insurance policy costs may be available in numerous choices as agreed with your insurance firm, such as regular monthly installations.

Prices of premiums vary and can rely on variables like the sort of protection you choose, your vehicle’s make and version, your age, driving experience, as well as the background of your case.


Various car insurance policies have varying excess amounts. They will set a basic excess amount. This is also referred to as a deductible that you need to pay towards your claim.

For instance, if you’re going to make a claim amount of $1000 and the excess amount is set at $400. You will pay for 400, and your insurer will pay for the remaining amount, which is $600.

Moreover, if you have an accident and the quote for repair is $400, you will still have to pay for it- since it is still under the excess amount of $400.¬† Generally, in this case, there’s no need to claim to protect your no claim discount. However, it is a must to report to your insurer if you’ve got into an auto accident even though it’s just a small accident.

Excess payments are added to reduce the number of small claims. Moreover, it aims to reduce the premiums. It will simply pass some responsibility back to the motorist.

In addition, you will observe that if you are young or a first-time driver, you will be most likely to have higher excess.

Therefore, you must check the excess with the insurer.

No Claims Discount or NCD

As the name goes, your insurer will award you in the form of price cuts on your costs for the following year if you have not claimed for that year. Nonetheless, if you have made a case, your NCD will be reduced, as well as the amount of price cut would depend upon your insurance firm’s standards.

As NCD is quite attractive, some motorists prefer to pay for tiny crashes or problems as opposed to sending a claim.

Main Vehicle driver

The primary vehicle driver covered in your plan is the one who will be guaranteed. For households that utilise a shared car, it must have the names of the driver. Certain insurers will enable you to add up to five named drivers without a cost yet others may do otherwise. Make sure to figure it out from your insurance provider as well as read the small prints.

Similar to the various factors that account for the premium to be paid, there are no set costs for insurance costs, also if both drivers own the same vehicle and go with the same plan.

The costs are determined by considering several factors previously mentioned.

Late settlement for the premiums might additionally cause extra costs so it is essential for you to understand your insurance plan well. However, some costs incur greater prices upon revival and hence you need to examine before continuing to do so.

The Bottom Line

The same as finding the best travel insurance, you also need to consider many things. There are various considerations when dealing with car insurance in Singapore. Make sure that you read carefully and understand the policy.

Remember that when seeking a vehicle insurance policy suited to your needs, do not select the most affordable as it does not necessarily indicate it is the best.