I have not given much thought as to why blue and black inks are used on such a large scale. They were a constant part of my life since the time I was in school. I accepted them as a given. As I studied the history of ink psychology and color psychology, my understanding of how decisions were made improved dramatically. I was also able to see the potential benefits of using a wider variety of tones and hues. Scroll down to discover the amazing world of words, as well as the tools used to preserve, write, and recall them.

Ink’s Progressive Histology

The flow of ink from our pens has been perfected over years of trial and error. When you next pick up a pen, take a moment to marvel at the effort and thought that went into making this simple and accessible tool. Brian Allison, a renowned historian, and author discusses how ink was made in the 18th century.

Black or blue ink is considered standard ink because they have been around for a while and are easy to find.

Color’s Effect on Learning

Due to the influence that color has on how you feel, we are likely to have preconceptions and prejudices about different hues. It brightens our day, grabs our attention, and has a significant impact on our cognitive function. It can affect memory and rational thought. It is amazing to think that just by surrounding myself with a different color, I can change my mood and how I learn new things.

Although we may not have been conscious of it, we all know how color affects our perception of information.

Once you’ve mastered the amazing ways that the visible spectrum’s colors can be used to your benefit, you can start to play with their use. You can experiment with the colors of the visible spectrum by making sure your Word documents are different in the font. Also, make sure you choose the right colors for your PowerPoint slides. Finally, find your highlighters.


Blue is the preferred color for most people. Blue has a relaxing and sedative effect on the brain. Prussian, cobalt and the sky are our saviors when we find ourselves in anxious and nerve-wracking situations. Prussian is our savior.

Blue is associated with efficiency and effectiveness. It improves memory performance, stimulates creativity, and aids intellectual thinking. It is something I am eager to integrate into my daily routine of writing poetry.

Blue ink can be used to create a conducive environment for concentration. You can also paint the walls of your office with blue ink. It is also a great option for more difficult tasks. You can always bring your blue pens, highlighters, and pens back with you when you are in need of creative expression.


This blue shade is associated with elegance, sophistication, authority, and mystique. The contrast created by using black ink against a white background makes it easier to remember and recognize the information. It is a common tool in formal education. Research has shown that changing how information is presented from black-and-white to include certain colors can have a positive effect on learning outcomes.