What is the difference between an investment manager and a custodian? 

Forming an investment management strategy may often seem intimidating and complex. One of the reasons for this is the jargon and terminologies that often lead to misunderstanding and confusion. For instance, a common term that you may come across when setting your investment management strategy is ‘custodian’. Knowing the difference between a ‘custodian’ and your […]

What are sinking fund strategies?

Sinking fund strategies are a type of investment designed to decrease in value over time. They usually invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities. One of the benefits of sinking fund strategies is that they offer investors the opportunity to make money even if the market crashes. This is because the money invested in a […]

Reasons for joining CTmatador

When you seek a trading platform, you need a lot of facilities too which you will benefit from. However, many people do not know the best platform which is very convenient for the veterans in trading as well as the beginners who wish to make a quick profit. The CTmatador which is a recommended financial […]