Role Of Compound Interest In Your Investment

Compound interest is an essential concept in finance and economics. It might have been a tricky concept in school, but it is much more beneficial when you start investing. It can be thought of as the process of earning interests on both principal and accumulated interest. Compound interest can be calculated using different methods, including […]

What is the difference between an investment manager and a custodian? 

Forming an investment management strategy may often seem intimidating and complex. One of the reasons for this is the jargon and terminologies that often lead to misunderstanding and confusion. For instance, a common term that you may come across when setting your investment management strategy is ‘custodian’. Knowing the difference between a ‘custodian’ and your […]

What Are The 3 Best Forex Indicators To Chart

These indicators are embedded within trading platforms and linked throughout to give traders a unique, often shorter-term view of the market. They offer forecasts and historical data, as well as long-term or short-term outlooks. There are many forex indicators that can be used which you can find in toutes les figures chartistes pdf, some of […]