Top 20+ Tips To Help You Keep on Track and Stay Sane When Working Remotely

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Anyone who’s ever found themselves working from home will appreciate the joy of such a situation but also understand the lure of working in your PJs and lounging on the couch.

When it comes to working from home, the boundaries between personal life and work become very blurred. Work too hard and you’ll find yourself with no personal life at all.

If you’re wondering how you can stay productive while keeping a tight grip on your sanity, the following tips are sure to help. 

Define your workspaces and keep a clear divide between work and home

  • Set regular working hours and stick to the schedule
  • Stick to your daily routine. In other words, get up and get dressed, have breakfast, and make a list for your day.
  • Close the door on your workspace because this represents a dividing line for your family.
  • Keep your general work area and desk tidy. If your workspace is tidy, it helps keep a tidy mind
  • If you’re having a tough day, keep working. 
  • Have three lists of three: one list of three things you will do, one list with three things you’d like to get done, and the final list of three things you’d like to do at some point.
  • Start your day in the right way, with breakfast. Also, spend some time alone to relax and let your mind wander.
  • Make sure you’ve got a comfortable chair.
  • Give yourself regular breaks away from your desk and workspace.
  • When you’ve finished work for the day don’t be tempted to go back to your desk because you’ve got an idea.
  • Keep a drink of water by your desk all the time. 
  • Choose music that’s not distracting.
  • Know when it’s time to stop.
  • Don’t be tempted to work an 8-hour day.
  • Allocate specific days for certain tasks.
  • Set boundaries for those who share your living space.
  • Eat a good lunch. 
  • Track your time.
  • Don’t let work take over your life. 
  • Make time in your day for other people. 

You don’t have to religiously follow all these tips but adopt some of them and you’re bound to feel the positive effects. 


David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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