A Family Lawyer In Singapore: Know What They Can Do And How To Maximise Them

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No matter how many years have passed since the time began, the world is still almost the same. There are rules and regulations that every society should follow. If someone commits a crime that violates the law, there is a high chance that they will become a criminal and need to hire a lawyer in Singapore to defend them in court and prove their innocence.

However, are you aware that there was no criminal or ordinary law firm in Singapore and other countries until 1570, when Thomson Snell & Passmore was founded in the United Kingdom, according to Guinness World Records?

Even though crimes were common during mediaeval times, justice was served differently. Guilty people have to suffer strict punishments such as whipping, stocks, pillory, branding, and in the worst-case scenario, death.

To guarantee you will not experience the unfortunate events, you better remain a good citizen. Ensure to learn more about the law and follow them. You also have to consider hiring a family lawyer in Singapore so someone will help to protect yourself and your family members from any injustice.

Part I: What Is A Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer is a legal practitioner that knows, understands, and practices family law. Family law is a legal practice that protects the rights of anyone part of a family, both adults and children.

When anyone from a family encounters family problems, a family lawyer in Singapore will act as a mediator and help them resolve the issue. If that case has something to do with parents filing a divorce, they will help them separately legally, including their assets and liabilities.

Part II: What Does A Family Lawyer In Singapore Can Do?

If you plan to hire one from a family law firm in Singapore, you better know what they can do for you. Read on to find out what those things are.


1. Have Extensive Knowledge Of Family Law

Studying law is difficult, especially if you do not have plans to become a lawyer. Instead of trying to understand the terms in family law, consider hiring a family lawyer. They have extensive knowledge of family law besides the ones they have learned from law school, which they have gained from their years of experience,

2. Keep Up With Legislation Changes

Law is difficult to learn since you have to keep up with changes. A family lawyer you hire will be the one performing the research. Ask them to explain the revised legislation or act to you after they have grasped it.

3. Ensures Your Legal Documents Complete

Another thing that a family lawyer in Singapore can do for you is to guarantee you have every legal document you need. Before submitting the legal documents to the court, they will review their content to check for mistakes like typos.

4. Know How To Negotiate Settlements

Every family lawyer is an excellent negotiator. When you hire a family lawyer, you can rest assured that they will fight for your rights no matter what happens. Your family lawyer can only negotiate settlements more successfully if you coordinate with them and provide everything, including the smallest details.

5. Present Your Case In The Best Light Possible

Your family lawyer will also do their best to provide your case in the best light possible, even if you are on the opposing side. When they represent your case, you should provide them with the utmost respect as much as they respect you.

6. Write Estate Plans and Wills On Your Behalf

If you own a massive wealth and have a huge family tree, a family lawyer can help you manage your estate plans and wills. Before you pass away (knock on wood), everything has been settled, and the rest of your family will not fight over who will get this or that asset.

Part III: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hired Family Lawyer In Singapore?

1. Summarise Your Family History

When you hire a family lawyer, you can expect not to know anything about you and your family members. You have to provide every information that happened in your family over the past years for them to defend you.

2. List Family’s Assets And Liabilities

Besides your family history, you should also let your family lawyer know about the assets and liabilities you own. That way, they can study what you own and find ways to defend you if you encounter disputes.

3. Mention Any Debts

A family lawyer in Singapore also deals with debts. Before you face a case regarding your debt, you should let them know. Consider showing the debt contract you have signed and agreed on if you have one. This document will help them how they can help you win your debt case.

4. Be As Honest As Possible

If a family lawyer is well informed about you, your situation, and any other relevant factors, they can assist you in the best way possible. Therefore, you should be honest with your family lawyer no matter what happens.

5. Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

You know that any comments you make can be used against you, so listen and follow your family lawyer’s advice.

Conclusion: Hire The Right Family Lawyer To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Hiring the right family lawyer in Singapore can give you peace of mind that someone trustworthy can help protect you and your family. Since family law is complicated, ensure to find a family lawyer who can explain everything you need to know in layman’s terms. By doing this, you can grasp how you or a family member feel about a situation or other legal concerns.

Consider starting your search for the right family lawyer by checking out Aspect Law Chambers. They are a family law firm in Singapore that have years of experience and expertise in family law matters.

Contact Aspect Law Chambers at +65 6908 7077, leave a message on their website or drop by their office in person.


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