Four Business Ideas That You Can Start Quickly

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Sell cosmetics from big brands.

You can work as a part time / freelancing local sales representative for companies or big brands that sell cosmetics products. The work that is required will involve you spreading the good words about their products. You can host parties or events in your local area and invite your friends and their friends. In the events/parties you can set out a time to introduce those products and especially their benefits. You can even sell the products online through some online eCommerce platforms (such as eBay, etc). These cosmetics products usually come with a full set of kits which may cost you $100-300 for a start. To be eligible to become a sales representative, your first prerequisite is to purchase a set of their products.

Provide professional services in a specific area.

When you have the expertise, knowledge or experience in a specific area, you should start providing consultation or professional services and do this work as an agency or consulting firm. For example, you can give legal advice or help growing other people’s local businesses. Usually it is not the easiest thing to start. First you will need to get people to know you are offering your services to your local area or local community. You may build the visibility of your business by creating your business website created, writing out your ideas (and expertise) as blog articles, and promoting your articles in social media.

Educate the elementary students.

When you have the education background and some experience, you can spend part of your day’s time to assist elementary school students with their homework. To go one step further, when you have sufficient students and you’re still getting more new students from previous parents’ references, you should consider starting your own tutoring service. After all, education for many years has always been considered a very important aspect in Asian people’s lives.

Share your life or experience on Youtube.

Nowadays you have a camera on your phone that you carry everywhere you go. It is easy to start shooting videos, editing your videos with app/program such as Vlog, and publishing your videos. Without a doubt, the video platform you would choose to publish your videos must be Youtube. When you have the life experience or knowledge in an area which could well be incredibly charismatic, you can turn this information into video clips/files. After you have grown your Youtube channel to a sufficient audience size, and your videos have accumulated enough views, you will be eligible to earn cash through Google’s ads.

Setting up a company (officially).

At the beginning of your business, you may set up a company using an online platform that you can trust. All you need to do is to fill in your details through an online form, make a payment, and submit the required documents. Once you’re done, you can trace the progress through this company incorporation online platform, or you can directly contact the customer support. Usually, you can get this all done in the same day. The one reason for incorporating your business is for tax declaration (and/or deduction) purposes.


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