Massage Parlor Options You Can Choose for Now

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When choosing the concept and positioning of your massage parlor, you should also ask yourself whether you prefer to open your structure as a franchise or as an independent.

Opening the Massage Center

Opening a franchise massage parlor allows you to benefit from the support of a recognized brand and a company that has proven itself. You can count on the help and experience of the network: logistical support, launch assistance, marketing and communication tools, not to mention the notoriety that the brand already has.

On the other hand, opening a wellness establishment as an independent allows you to benefit from more autonomy. You will be able to organize yourself as you wish, choose the status that suits you best and have free rein in choosing your location.

Considering installing a massage parlor at home is quite possible if you choose to be independent, creating a well-being space at home is allowed. You can also, as a self-employed person, freely choose your legal status. Know that it is quite possible to get started as a micro-entrepreneur (ex-auto entrepreneur) in출장홈타 well-being massage.

Opening a massage institute: what diplomas are needed?

Even if the activity of massage has long been the preserve of physiotherapists, it is now quite possible to open a massage parlor without a diploma.

To avoid any confusion, however, it is advisable to speak of well-being massage and not of kinesitherapeutic massage (name reserved for qualified physiotherapists) or modeling (name reserved for beauticians holding an esthetic diploma.

The marketing plan of a massage parlor: a step not to be overlooked

The marketing plan of a massage salon has a simple objective: to identify and quantify the cost of the actions to be implemented to attract and retain your customers. It is therefore necessary to look into it fairly quickly when setting up your business creation project.

On the customer acquisition side, many actions can be implemented. For example, we can think of a flyer distribution, or a campaign in the local press to announce the launch of your activity. You can also create an event around the opening with special promotions (for example: -30% on all treatments carried out the first month of the opening). Make a visit to for the best information about the same.

In order to retain your customers, the loyalty card is a classic that has proven itself. Also set up a website and / or social media pages. This will allow you to publicize your activity, the products you use, your technique, your location, your prices and opening hours but also to federate a community around your structure, with the publication of customer comments and the news of your massage salon (promotions, opening of a new space, etc.).


Plan a budget in line with your ambitions. Do not hesitate to evaluate the cost / possible impact of each action in order to put in place as a priority those which present the best return on potential investment.


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