Order exotic dishes this weekend and enjoy with your loved ones

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Who doesn’t want to have a bite of exotic dishes with family members during the weekends? Most of the residents of Las Vegas prefer to order online food from the best exotic restaurants and have a lavish house party. In case you want to eat something off the regular course this weekend, contact nachos Las Vegas strip immediately.

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Different types of dishes which you can order

Fiesta Nacho

Ingredients required

Sauce of cheddar cheese around 15 Oz, chips 10 Oz, 1 chopped white onion, quarter cup of Jalapeno, taco beef 12 Oz, half cup of iceberg lettuce and 2 tomatoes chopped medium. 

Steps to cook

Step 1: In this step experts combine cheese sauce along with beef and put it in a microwave for around 3 minutes and kept aside.

Step 2: Half of the bag of chips is spread on a tray and then cheese-beef is placed over them. Remaining chips are then placed over the first layer and once again the mixture of cheese-beef is placed.

Step 3: At last it is decorated with onions, tomatoes, chili sauce and jalapenos.

This dish has several types of nutrition like vitamin A,C, iron and calcium, moreover the dish doesn’t contain any added sugar, thus even a diabetic patient can enjoy it without any worries. 

Fajita nachos


This is another exotic dish which you can have with your loved ones while watching some sporting event or movie on your home theater. The dish is highly nutritious and contains different types of healthy ingredients like olive oil, fresh cilantro, 2 bell pepper, onion and cheddar mix around 8 ounce. For this dish, chefs use special corn chips which are tri-colored. At last, they place sour cream or salsa on the top of the nacho dish and serve the dish hot. You can have the dish with different types of alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks and it is considered as a great starter before a sumptuous dinner.


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