Perfection for Polished Plastering: How the professional Companies Do It

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The appearance of the room after repair directly depends on the successful choice of polished plaster. The textured coating for walls or ceilings performs many functions, it hides imperfections and provides the surface with the necessary hygienic properties (moisture protection, thermal insulation), and also creates stunning visual effects in beauty. As you take the help of the companies like Evoke Polished Plastering, you can click here  and get a lot of detailed information about the same and that also in various applications of the process.

There are several basic criteria for choosing a polishedplaster coating:

  • Characteristics of the room (humidity, temperature difference).
  • Features of the surface to be trimmed (concrete, brick, wood).
  • The style of the interior.
  • The general color scheme of the room decor.

In addition, if you want to give the room additional sound or heat insulation, you must choose the types of plasters that give the coating these qualities (for example, gypsum).

Decorative plaster: which is better?

The choice of color and design performance of polished plaster is made in accordance with your preferences and the developed design of the room. If you want to create a realistic imitation of natural materials, textured plaster is ideal for you. With the help of Venetian plaster, the surface is easily transformed into natural stone or a certain kind of noble wood.

Flocking plaster is able to give your walls a rough effect of mosaic chips, and multicolor elastic and warm texture of cork wood. If you prefer the effect of aged or blurry, with soft transitions of tones, surface, you should pay attention to glaze polished coating.

What to choose polished plaster

Depending on the bonding element, the following types of polished plasters are distinguished:


This is a relatively inexpensive coating based on cement or lime, diluted with water. Among its disadvantages is cracking during vibration. Not recommended for use in homes near railways or noisy freeways.


This is a universal polymer plaster for coating surfaces both inside and outside the room. It has excellent resistance to moisture and temperature changes, it is excellent to clean and dries quickly after application.


This is a strong plaster based on liquid potassium glass. Excellent repels dust and dirt, has an average degree of resistance to vibration.


This is extremely plastic, easy to apply and wash. A polished coating based on silicone resins is the most expensive and easy to use type of plaster.

What are polished plasters depending on the size of the filler

When choosing a plaster, it is necessary to pay attention to its filler, which provides an inhomogeneous surface texture. The severity of the polished coating relief depends on the particle size of the plaster.If you are finishing a small room, it is better to choose a plaster with fine-grained filler. In a spacious room, the deep relief visible from afar, created by plaster with large filler, looks more advantageous.The same advice applies if you want to save money: a not pronounced surface relief requires less material.


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