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Another key factor in your research is being able to see what room rentals look like. Most landlords will provide you with at least a few photos of the property, usually inside and out, but this is not always the case. If an advertisement does not have photos of the interior of the premises, ask the owner for one or simply go to the following advertisement. It is completely normal to be able to see what you are going to rent before spending your money and going on vacation.

Guarantee a peaceful stay by researching or asking for photos of the place

To be sure you are not disappointed on arrival, carefully analyze the photos of the premises and make a list of the amenities and equipment available and clarify what is included in the rental price. Some properties may charge you extra for heating, laundry or cleaning the pool, for example. So, if you have specific requests, inquire before booking.

Travel insurance for your vacation

By taking all these factors into consideration, you can easily find the perfect rental home for a magical vacation abroad and avoid disappointment on arrival. Now that you’ve rented your accommodation, don’t forget your travel insurance. Whether you are leaving for a few days or a longer vacation, our complete vacation package provides full coverage, medical emergencies, missed flights or lost luggage. As you contact room for rent in Brussels from Morton Place, now you can click here  for the same.

The rental counter takes advantage of the latest rental announcements

The rent calculator gives an estimate of the average rent for a dwelling based on the fishing rents of other similar dwellings. The counter uses the exact address of the apartment, meaning it provides a more accurate estimate than just the zip code level. It also takes advantage of the size of the dwelling, ie the number of rooms and living space, and the year of construction. These are the most important information you need to determine your rental level.

  • The rent calculator gives its estimate as a fork, not an accurate estimate. If your apartment is much more modest or very luxurious, the right rent level may be outside the rental range provided by the counter.
  • Finding good accommodations and accommodations for your trip is very important for both budget and travel experience. There are other noteworthy alternatives to staying at hotels and you can save on hotel nights by exploring and comparing them in advance. In this article, my own tips for affordable and yet comfortable accommodation when traveling.

The Best Options

Accommodations easily swallow a big slice of your travel budget, often over 50% of your total budget. You can really spend big money on your accommodation or make big savings. I think it is important to raise awareness of how to keep the cost of accommodation very reasonable, so that the travel price, at least not to the high hotel prices.

Affordable accommodation does not mean miserable living or living in the hostel, there are alternatives. Different countries and continents have slightly different cultures and practices regarding the types of accommodation available, but the key is to internalize that there are alternatives to expensive and impersonal hotel rooms.


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