Types of Tote Bags You Can Use for Promotion

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Tote bags are one of the most popular promotional products that companies choose to widen their audience and increase their exposure. Many companies prefer tote bags as they are the ideal product their functionality, style, and portability. Moreover, they have a larger canvas making them highly customizable, are easy and quick to manufacture, and budget-friendly.

If you are looking to buy a tote bag or your company is looking to customize tote bags for promotional purposes, then you can visit the website of Custom Grocery Bags.com. They are a manufacturer of custom printed tote bags made from reusable materials such as old recycled tote bags and cotton. They provide a large selection of bags at the lowest prices and also let the customers design it themselves.

Types of tote bags you can use

You can select the right kind of tote bag that you want to use as a promotional product from the options given below.

  • The Classic Cotton Tote: This is the classic cotton material tote bag that has a minimal design and provides your customers with a stylish and functional way to do daily activities. This bag works in any outfit and in any situation. Their minimal design makes it timeless and also low in cost. Lastly, it has a blank space which provides a large canvas to print information about your company.
  • The Sadie Jute Shopper: This bag is also made out of reusable material and is an alternative to the typical cotton bag. It is made entirely out of jute. The bag has a tightly woven fabric giving it a necessary structure and provides long-lasting durability to customers. Furthermore, the large canvas space is suitable for promotions.
  • A Foldable Tote: You may give out bags to your customers at your store or conferences, but sometimes you can mail it to them. In these cases, a foldable tote bag made out of cotton can be useful. It’s lightweight and portable making it easy to deliver. The drawstring on top offers more security when traveling and around crowded places.
  • A Zipper Tote: If you want a tote bag that stands out from the rest in a crowd, then this one is for you. This tote bag is of premier quality with added durability, the timeless beige color, and a zippered front pocket. The zipper provides added security for your essential items such as keys, wallet, and phone.
  • A Sublimation Tote: A sublimation tote is a right choice when you are trying to manufacture as many as possible within a short period. These can even be customized with different colors and patterns no matter how fast you require it.


The options above show that you can take your pick about the type of tote bag you want to custom design and give to your potential customers. You can customize any part of the bag such as the color, zipper, material, pockets, straps, and more. All these bags have large canvasses so they can be used to promote your brand name effectively.


David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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