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In today’s ever demanding lifestyle remarkably large numbers of people prefer to buy condo, which is short for condominium, than purchasing a single-family residence. Living in a condominium community comes with lots of sparks hence for enhancing the comfort, convenience and safety people from different walks of life invest in high quality condo. Condo near Rama 3 (คอนโดพระราม 3which is the term in Thai)can change your perception of living in beautiful space near Chao Phraya River and heart of the city within affordable budget. To sustain in the competitive real estate industry most of the reputable real estate development companies come up with exceptional concepts such as Sunken Balcony, wide level terrace, etc. to provide best ever condo experience to their clients.

Enjoy the stay

Condo could be the best option for busy professional, elderly person, family with small kids and physically disabled people who have time and physical constraint. You can get rid of maintenance work such as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn or repairing of roof or outside structures as the monthly condo fees cover all these essential services. Resident of condo share major costs among themselves hence no one feel the burden of expenses. Moreover, modern condos are equipped with high quality amenities such as theatre room, gym, swimming pool, party room, etc. hence choose the best condo so that you can get solid resell value.

Things to consider

Before taking any purchase decision consider few aspects and get best value for your money

  • Location is the primary concern as everyone wants to stay in the close proximity of public transportation, hospital, grocery stores, parks, night life and good schools
  • Look at the floor plan and unit plan and get an idea about the essence of the property, the spaces, how the spaces interact, outlooks and flow
  • Check the Condo Unit Exposure so that you can get natural sunlight
  • If you are peace loving and family person then consider the demographics of people who live in the condominium

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