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Many support structures for business creation exist in France. The Agency for the creation of companies, for example, offers resources on its website to carry out a business plan when you want to set up a traditional business or a small craft business. Local chambers of commerce can also help by offering management training. Incubators and accelerators, private or public, can provide more intensive support (premises, advice, address book, etc.), but they often take small stakes in the companies supported. Networks of business leaders are often very resourceful. You can go for the Indonesia business for sale 2020 there as well.

Don’t stay locked up

“For me, it’s a heresy when people say: ‘I’m not talking about it, I’m afraid someone will steal the idea”, “says one founders. On the contrary, it is necessary to talk about it as much as possible so as not to miss decisive encounters. Having your business plan reread by professionals in the sector so that they can improve it can also be useful. “We have everything to lose by staying in our corner”, supports the founder, who advises to go to the many events organized by and for entrepreneurs, such as the Entrepreneurs or the Startup Weekends. And for those who have had enough of one-on-one with their computer, coworking spaces, that is to say collaborative work, are a place of fruitful exchanges.Perhaps you will meet the graphic designer who will design your logo or the developer of your website.

What is a business plan for?

When looking for money for your company, making a business plan is essential. Impossible to seduce investors without having prepared one. Even before needing money, well before fundraising, writing a business plan can be very useful. It’s an excellent exercise that allows you to ask the right questions about your project.

What do we put in a business plan?

There are four essential elements to develop. A brief presentation of the project team as well as any mentors is essential. Just like the description of its product by highlighting its added value . You have to show what is the “magic” of the product you are offering. Deciphering your environment, that is to say your customers and competitors, is also essential: it is about proving that you have an enlightened and not too naive understanding of the ecosystem in which you want to fit. Finally, it is necessary to detail its strategy (commercial-marketing) by explaining how the start-up intends to ensure that the whole of France knows its product. For the business for sales this is important.

What are the missteps to avoid?

The business plan should not turn into an overly academic exercise, but become a real tool of seduction. It is also necessary to keep abreast of the “trends” of the business plan or the pitch, that is to say to know what is being done in your sector. Today, for example, it is better to favor a presentation in 15-20  slides than a block of 50 pages in Word. On the other hand, miscalculations in financial forecasts are really to be avoided, because they seriously undermine the credibility of the entrepreneur. Finally, do not believe that a business plan is something frozen. On the contrary, an entrepreneur spends his time reworking it over the course of meetings and the progress of his project.



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