Construction Equipment- Its Types and Uses

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Construction is the art of building things and giving them a shape. Construction helps you in building a home or a road or a skyscraper building. You can build anything by using the Sright construction methods and equipment. Without Construction, man would have been still living in the jungle and would have been facing dangers outside.

 But with time man has learned Construction and has built many things. He has built a home for himself to protect from any danger outside and he has also built buildings to operate his daily life. So, Construction is so important for the man to survive in this world. But this has been possible due to Construction Equipment. With the advancement in technology, man has invented much equipment that has made his construction work easy. Various types of Construction Equipment are-

  • Excavators – Well an excavator is equipment that is used for excavating like it can be used to dig a hole or can easily lift things. It can also move and lift things easily. It can also be used as  Hauling Equipment.
  • Bull Dozers Well a Bulldozer can be found on every site of construction. It is used to demolish any kind of structure or building. It is used to clear any surface so that construction can be done there easily.
  • Drills Another type of equipment that is used in construction is a Drill. Drills can be used to make holes in the ground and to find things in the ground for example it can be used for mining.
  1. Track Loader These loaders are used to lift heavyweights. It has a wider surface on its plate to carry a larger load. These are designed to move on any surface even the most difficult surfaces also.
  1. Compactors – Another type of equipment that is used for construction is a Compactor. A Compactor is the name suggests is a type of equipment that helps in flattening a surface and making it even for construction. 
  1. Tower Cranes – These are tall Cranes that are used for lifting things to a great height. It is often used in the case of tall buildings. Whenever tall building is constructed you need equipment that takes things to a tall place.
  1. Paver – To construct roads you use a Paver. A Paver helps you in constructing a road with the help of a feeding bucket which is loaded with asphalt which helps you in constructing a road.
  • Dump Truckers – These trucks are used to carry a large amount of material from one site to another. These can be used on off-road surfaces of construction sites and helps you in carrying a lot of weight.
  • Boom Lift – This is used to lift people to an elevated height. Workers can get into this lift which has a bucket and they can stand in it. After this it can be lifted to a height and workers can then work in it.
  • Telehandlers – They used to lift heavy weights. Sometimes, other equipment might not be able to pick up a certain weight but this can pick up any heavyweight.

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