Why Should You Select the Mitsubishi Got2000 Software? 

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GT SoftGOT2000 Version1 is the software that has the same tracking functions as the GOT2000 Series and is utilized on desktop computers and panel controllers by connecting to numerous industrial gadgets. GT SoftGOT2000 Version1 is included with GT Works. A separate certificate trick has to be placed during usage.

  • Making use of GOT functions on a computer

GT SoftGOT2000 is the software application that has the same monitoring functions as Mitsubishi GOT2000 software, as well as is utilized on desktop computers and panel controllers by attaching to various industrial devices.

GT SoftGOT2000 is a software application that consisted of in GT Works. A different certificate secret should be mounted throughout use.

  • Reusing GOT2000 Collection project information

The project information of GT SoftGOT2000 is created with GT Designer in the same way as GOT. By transforming the GOT type to GT SoftGOT2000, the project data for GOT2000 can be utilized as-is.

  • Transforming resolution flexibly

The users can pick resolutions from a listing or can flexibly define resolutions to transform the display size depending upon applications.

  • Interaction with various other applications

Read as well as write GT SoftGOT2000 internal devices using the user-created applications. On top of that, by developing a touch switch on the GT SoftGOT2000 display, it is possible to begin various other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, while monitoring with GT SoftGOT2000. Communication with user-created applications makes it possible to develop sophisticated systems.

  • Screen the production website from a remote area

SoftGOT-GOT link function GT27 GT25 GT23 GT21

GT SoftGOT2000 checks out task data from on-site GOT using Ethernet, as well as makes use of the job data to keep track of connected tools. GT SoftGOT2000 can additionally display various displays from those on GOT. Considering that GT SoftGOT2000 presents the GOT display on the desktop computer, the handling load on the GOT is reduced.

Handling GT SoftGOT2000 components that used the SoftGOTGOT weblink feature.

By using GT SoftGOT2000 Commander, multiple GT SoftGOT2000 modules using the SoftGOT-GOT link function can be handled.


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