Developing Your Brand With Promotional Gifts

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Companies of all sizes have ideas concerning their identity. Many companies spend large amounts of time and capital developing a brand or corporate image that suits their products and aspirations. This is a powerful part of a whole marketing strategy, targeted towards easy and instant recognition of their goods or services. Most marketing campaigns are aimed at raising brand awareness within the target market, working towards increasing customer loyalty as well as elicit new business. And they are using a variety of creative gift materials like Customized Basketballs, Custom Backpacks, face caps, and Tshirts, to achieve this.

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns have developed an instantly recognised brand or logo, which will be easily recalled by large numbers of the general public. These successful marketing campaigns are usually the result of a sustained and widespread exposure of the logo and marketing messages across a range of media. The more often they are seen with the right associations, the greater the recall. This builds a very strong brand image.

Strong brand images are built through a range of advertising and marketing methods designed to reach the identified target market for that particular business. These usually include printed and visual media of various kinds, and perhaps supported and reinforced by promotional merchandise.

The value added to a marketing campaign by carefully chosen promotional merchandise cannot be underestimated. Whereby a printed advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, or a radio or television advert may create a moment of engagement and recognition, the nature of any of these media is fleeting; there one minute and gone and perhaps forgotten the next. The benefits of using promotional gifts is that they can appeal to some or all the senses at once, and the more engaging a gift is, the more powerful it will be as part of your marketing strategy. A well-chosen and executed promotional gift will magnify and consolidate the impact of the message and branding images, both immediately and over time when the gift is used repeatedly and may become part of the recipients everyday life.

Choosing the right promotional goods is crucial. You need to portray the appropriate image for the brand you are supporting. This can be reflected in the perceived value of the promotional gift, or the relevance or aesthetic quality of the merchandise. It needs to be pertinent and useful while also characterizing the desired image and style.

Promotional items don’t have to be costly to be effective. A well chosen inexpensive gift could be distributed on a large scale by many various means, and prove to be a very cost-effective marketing tool. While using your chosen promotional items to consolidate your links with existing customers, they can also be incredibly helpful in encouraging business from new customers. Additionally, using branded items within your company offices and workplaces develops brand awareness and loyalty among your employees too.


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Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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