Free Platforms To Create Your E-Commerce Site

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Future e-merchants are spoiled for choice among the solutions to create e-commerce. From WordPress to Opencart, and even to Open shop in shopee platform (เปิดร้าน shopee which is the term in thai), each online business platform has its advantages and disadvantages, whether the chosen solution is free or paid.

We, therefore, offer a quick overview of the most used e-commerce solutions, containing both SaaS website creation software and CMS.


With more than 270,000 online stores, Prestashop installs easily and has a plethora of themes to customize your merchant site. Many extensions also allow you to add features to your Prestashop store to better sell online. However, most are paid, which can quickly increase the bill.


Launched in 2008, this open-source tool allows you to create a completely personalized online store. You also have the choice among many templates, classified by theme, allowing you to start quickly.

Finally, Magento has several native applications to help you manage your e-commerce from A to Z: inventory management, marketing tools to undertake market research (รับทำวิจัยการตลาด which is the term in thai), SEO, emailing, etc.


Opencart is an open-source, open-source e-commerce solution. It is recommended for small traders and start-ups for its speed of installation and its cost of setting up very low.

On the other hand, the number of functionalities and the personalization of the e-shop remain limited compared to the competitors.


WordPress is the star of CMS, and many plugins will allow you to install your WordPress online store in a few clicks and have access to a library with thousands of themes – thanks to WooCommerce. However, to fully utilize the resources of this solution, you better master the HTML and CSS language.


This free solution can be installed on any dedicated server, provided you are familiar with the procedure. For this purpose, Os Commerce is rather intended for entrepreneurs who know how to code or who have a basic knowledge of coding. Although it is still possible to call on a professional for help.


Free open-source software, the ZenCart e-commerce solution integrates many native features. It allows you to create a complete online store, with the necessary to propel your business: newsletter, gift certificates, sponsorship system, several payment methods, choice in delivery, etc.


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Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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