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How is FASTag Benefitting You? Learn Now

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To lower vehicular traffic near toll booths, the Indian government made the rule that all vehicles passing through the booth must mandatorily pay the toll fees through FASTag service. NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) rolled out this scheme for the electronic toll collection on all toll booths.

FASTag serviceuses the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to make direct toll payment from your bank account or prepaid account linked with your FASTag app. The tag is affixed on the vehicle’s windshield, which allows you to drive through the toll booth without the need to stop. 

FASTag benefits:

       Allows ease of payment. You do not require carrying any cash for toll payment, which saves a lot of your time. You simply can pay the toll charges using the FASTag service through the online route via debit card, credit card, net banking etc.

       Permits nonstop movement of your vehicle, which results in reduced fuel cost.

       Instant alerts through SMS or email to you to confirm toll transactions or in case of low balance.

       Provides environmental benefit as the system helps reduce air pollution and noise pollution. Moreover, as the service supports digital payments, there is minimal or no use of paper.

       Provides social benefit as the service takes less time for toll payment. This allows swift movement of vehicles.

How to use FASTag?

How to use FASTag in car’ is one of the most frequently questions, particularly if you are new to FASTag.  

Offline activation

When you buy a FASTag from a registered bank, you receive a pre activated FASTag.

       Approach the nearest FASTag authorised bank to avail the FASTag application form. In the form, you may find a section on ‘FASTag how to use’, which you must consider reading.

       Fill up and submit the form. Also, ensure to attach the required KYC documents.

       Next, the bank will provide you with a pre activated FASTag in a week. A welcome kit will contain a tag and FASTag login details.

       Peel the tag and stick it on the vehicle’s windscreen. The login credentials must be used to recharge your account.

Online activation

You can even buy FASTag from the POS location or any online retailer to activate it online. Steps include:

       Download ‘My FASTag app’ on your phone.

       Choose the ‘activate NHAI FASTag’ option shown on your app’s homepage.

       Here, either manually type the 24-digit ID of FASTag or scan the QR code on the tag and your FASTag service will be instantly activated.

       After activation, you can simply link your savings bank account to FASTag. Your toll fare will automatically be deducted every time you pass a toll booth.

Ending note

You can approach any POS (point of sale) location at the toll booth or bank branch to buy the FASTag service offline. FASTag service can also be opened online through the issuer agency’s website portal. The account can be recharged through the online mode using RTGS, IMPS, credit card, debit card or net banking method.


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