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Large law firms and real estate lawyers are usually the ones with the most media cases, since they are already used to dealing with this type of lawsuits and are known for having high quality lawyers and lawyers.

The Worry Remains

However, there may be self-employed companies and professionals in the field of advocacy who are interested in these types of cases. In these cases, it depends on how real estate Lawyer Marbella and lawyers see the risk inherent in media coverage: they can either “jump into the limelight” or see their career dismantled in the public square.

  • The owner may be responding to lawsuits for the payment of fines, damages or the rights of third parties, which may be individuals, companies or the government.
  • The first thing the bad guy thinks is to quickly dispose of all the assets he has. This would make it difficult to pay your debts. Only this procedure is totally illegal.
  • If you buy a property from a person in this situation, the court can cancel the transaction and you will lose your money.

And worse, you can be accused of having helped the owner in the criminal operation. This is the case where the buyer of the property knows that he is participating in a scheme.

You will probably have problems with justice as the sale can be considered illegal

It is essential to check if the person has debts with the municipality, with the state, federal government, federal revenue, labor courts, INSS, banks, financial institutions, among others.

Several entities issue certificates based on the owner’s CPF. You can consult these certificates yourself over the internet.

  • Unfortunately it is common, in the case of an imminent separation, one of the parties resolves to sell the property without the other being aware.
  • The same situation occurs when an heir tries to dispose of a property without the other heirs being aware. And this is terrible because you will end up in the middle of a family fight.
  • If the sale is made without the other party becoming aware, the deal may be canceled. You are without the property and still have to run after your money in court.

Beware of the person who has power of attorney for the husband, wife or heirs. Any blank signed paper can later become a proxy.Talk to the couple in person to see if they both agree to the sale.When in doubt, request a marriage certificate and check if the marital status is updated in the property registration.

Buy property incompatible with your standard of living

  • It is not because the parcel fits in your pocket that you have become rich and can live in a high standard condominium.
  • By taking out long-term financing (35 years), you will be sacrificing 35 years of your family income.
  • You will have to live the same life you used to live with an income up to 30% lower, that is, you will be 30% poorer.

A Simple Move

Often, simply moving from a cheaper neighborhood to a more sophisticated neighborhood already interferes with your cost of living.More leisure and convenience means a more expensive condo and less money in your pocket at the end of each month.Before changing neighborhoods and housing, assess the impact this can have on your cost of living.


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