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2020 is the year for globalization and online payments. As businesses expand and cross borders, it’s essential to consider how money travels along with them. While most fast payment solutions come with low processing fees, the reach is limited to affiliate banks and countries.

A reliable global payments processing platform like PT Unified Jakarta is vital for a multinational and international company to perform everyday business without fear of limitations and compatibility. Institutions with global reach have better foreign exchange rates and service speeds.

How to Choose Global Payments Processing Company

You know that payment processing with global reach is essential, but you might be wondering how to select the right service provider. There are over a thousand possibilities, but which ones should you prioritize?

Here are some tips on choosing the right global payments processing platform for your company:

1. Enterprise-grade Financial Controls

First, you should consider the level of financial controls available. You might need tailor-fit services such as scheduling, quick foreign exchange, and platform capacity. Whichever services you need, you should look at all the options available and weigh which ones are more important than others. 

Platforms like PT Unified Jakarta offer fast payment and reliable services.

2. Payment Method

After considering the controls, you should think about how money travels across platforms and countries. If you have many offshore accounts and employees and time is not an issue, you can select the one with the least service fee with a more extended processing period.

Here are some of the international payment methods available online:

If you already have a service provider in mind, you should do more research on how they do their transactions.

3. Relationship with Other Countries

The global relationship is vital in choosing an international payments processing platform. You might need flexibility and compatibility with various payment methods and high exchange rates with most countries. Besides that, your service provider should be aware of finance rules, laws, and regulations governing transfers.

4. Unique Company Needs

When looking for a global payment processing partner, you should think about the short-term and long-term requirements. The business goal is to maximize profit and reduce unnecessary costs and fees, so you should get a partner with the same goals.

Here are some of the considerations:

  • Cash flow requirement and logistics – how often you need to get money in and out of your company.
  • Economic factors among countries – this affects foreign exchange and other currency issues.
  • Service charges – some companies offer cheaper rates for bulk transactions.

Find a reliable company that prioritizes your concerns and adjusts their services to suit your business’ operation.


Money is one of the most critical considerations in business, so you should check all your options before bringing your company offshore. Various platforms like PT Unified Jakarta offer a wide range of global payment processing options. While thousands of companies rely on these platforms, you should select the best-suited ones for your needs.


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