Resume professional writing services and myths related to it

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As a dedicated job seeker, you always try to write your resume, which is appropriately polished. Many of us spent hours to make the resume more attractive and perfect before giving it to someone.

On the same side, many myths are based on resume writing, some of the common myths are listed below-

  • Resume should be of one page-

There are the biggest myths about the length of a resume should be one page. The page never matters; only the words in it matters. The resume should contain all the necessary and essential details about the candidate willing to make the resume. Best resumes of New York say that a one-page resume is good, but if there is a lot of valuable information, then, a two-page resume is also exceptional.

  • Spellings errors can disqualify you-

It is imperative to read your resume before sending it out. But this doesn’t mean that spelling and grammatical mistakes will directly throw your resume in the trash. The recruiters are more focused on the work experience and qualifications a candidate is having. A good habit is to read and check your resume before applying or sending it anywhere.

  • Is Fancy formatting matters?

Many of the resume professional writing services use fancy fonts, fancy colors, and overall fancy formatting, which makes the resume look more attractive and catchy. But although these fancy formatting doesn’t matter if you, the candidate does not have the excellent skills, work experience, knowledge, and the appropriate qualification. Even sometimes, extra fancy formatting causes the encoding issues. So it advised me to keep my resume plain and simple.

  • Include all your soft skills-

It is not needed to add all your soft skills in a resume. Only the significant abilities should be there in the resume. As sometimes, candidates used to copy the whole sentences from the jobs add sites, making the resume practically okay. But collectively, it creates generic resumes. Candidates use so many skills at the same place, which makes the resume more complicated and messy.

  • Never use color in a resume-

It is entirely the candidates’ choice whether they want to use color in the resume or not. In today’s world, most eye-catching resumes include combination colors. Basically, if the colors are used appropriately, then it is having a respectful place on a resume. But if there is a mismatch of colors, it might doesn’t seem right.

  • Full name, address, email and contact number are required on a resume-

Having a separate section for your contact details will never impress a recruiter. Recruiters only want to focus on your qualification and work experience, which is written in your resume. Suppose you get selected in an interview. Then, it never happens that the recruiter always sees your contact details from your resume. You will always find the further proceedings may be in a kind of form, which the candidate will fill and update by his/her choice.

So, there are many myths regarding how to write a resume. I hope the above article clears all your confusions and doubts.


David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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