Some Great Ethereum Wallets That You Should Know

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First things first, we should know what an Ethereum wallet is and how does it work. Etereum wallet is a software program that stores a public key and a private key. Now, if someone wants to deliver you some Ethers, he or she would just put your public key, which will then match up with your key, and if it matches, you will receive the money. The owner of the blockchain would be changed, and you would ne the owner of that Ether.

Wallets are of many types such as: – 

  • Hardware: – These are the wallets which store your keys in a physical device, which can be a USB stick or a hard drive. These wallets are one of the most secure ways to transact as they are not available to hackers all the time; it means that whenever you need to transact, then you simply connect it to a computer with internet and enter the pin, then you can transact.
  • Software: – These are the apps which can run online, desktop or on mobile these wallets are less secured as they are exposed on the internet all the time, and a hacker can crack your private key and then can access to your account, but MyEtherWallet recover comes with a Reward you can access it anywhere you want whether you are carrying your hardware device you just have to access a mobile with internet.
  • Paper Wallets: – These are the wallets with a physical print of the keys. Not exactly a physical print, the software is used to generate the key at the time, which makes it the most secure version of the wallets.

Now Let’s talk about some top wallets that you can use to transact ETH and ETC.

  • Ledger Nano S: – It is a hardware wallet. It stores Ether offline, and whenever you transact, you have to connect with a device and enter your private key. It is one of the cheapest resources to transact in Ether. It comes with a price of (59$). It also comes with an Oled screen, which helps you in transact.
  • Ledger Nano X: – After the Ledger Nano S. The immediate descendant is Ledger Nano X you can link this with MyEtherwallet to manage the Ethereum coins, but Apart from Ledger Nano S it has Bluetooth which offers you more mobility than the previous version
  • Atomic Wallet: – Atomic Wallet is the modern wallet it is available in desktop and mobile; it supports over 300 cryptocurrencies. It allows us to store the Etereum through our bank card and it is available in every operating system and on Android and ios devices
  • MetaMask: – Meta Mask one of the best Ethereum wallets; it is available in desktop and mobile as well; it does not allow only access to our Ethers, but it also allows access to the decentralized Ethereum apps or Ethereum DApps.It has a great design.
  • ETHaddress: – Ethaddress is a paper wallet. It enables the user to store your Ethereum and generate it. But you have to make sure no one can access your machine as it would generate your private key. If you are an expert, then only you should use paper wallets.  

Ethereum has completed 5 years in the market, but still it is a new concept, so there are a few but great wallets out there. But in the upcoming days, as technology has been improving, we could get introduced to more awesome wallets. So get ready for some more great wallets and you must also pay attention to the MyEtherWallet recover seriously.


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