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If you admire how your favorite writers come up with great blogs and articles and wonder the secret to their success, you should know that the structure of article writing adheres to general and advanced rules. Article writing styles may vary to connect with the different target audiences or readers. In this article, you will find steps to write guidance articles to help you improve your writing skill.

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Choose Your Main Topic and Outline Your Objectives

To start an article, you need to choose your topic, determine a specific topic to avoid disjointed content. Define the objectives your content follows and the scope/boundaries of your write-ups. With a target topic, composing an article is a lot easier. Once you have chosen a topic you like, be sure to stick to it.

Target Your Audience

After settling on a topic to write on, next is to know your target audience or readers. Ask yourself the message you’re trying to pass to your audience and what your readers are going to learn from using your article. How will your article benefit them?

Gather Your Information and Resources

Now you need to research and gather information by researching articles that have a similar idea and content flow as your intended writing. This will help you to back up yourself to create your article. Pick up ideas and back up your claims. Opinions are good, but you need to back them up with researches and authors. Utilize keywords to highlight your article and ease the flow of the writing; also,endeavour to cite your resources.

Edit Your Draft

Editing your draft helps you to ensure the use of correct grammar and punctuation. Proofread your work for misspelled words and wrong grammar.

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