There Is Science of Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Succeeding as an entrepreneur does not depend of who you are, where you live or education, health or having certain talents. Complete idiots can become rich. So what is it that tips the scales for success?

To start with you will do best working for yourself in a business that is suited to your location and present knowledge.

Opportunities are all around us and within us. There is an abundance of opportunity. We all have something to offer. You do not even have to leave home!

It is a matter of being aware of what you have to offer now! What you can offer now may not be what you really want to do but it would be an opening to bring in some extra money. Once you have some savings aside you can then move into your dream entrepreneurial business.

Take no notice of those who mock you. They are the Dream Stealers. They can snuff out your dreams before you have even started. Ignore them.

Start small and think big. These are magic words. You grow in confidence as you inch your way along.

Donald Trump did not start his career into property development with building Trump International Hotel; he started with smaller projects that he could manage and he gained confidence and knowledge as he went.

Mary Kay Ash wanted to start a business. So she knew she had great selling skills but what was she to sell? She realised the skin care formulations that she had been using for years were great so she brought the rights to use them. She started her business Mary Kay Cosmetics in her garage filling pots of skin cream and selling them. Now Mary Kay Cosmetics is a huge world-wide business.

Both these two successful business entrepreneurs started from home using what knowledge and skills they had. Donald Trump had learned building from his father and Mary Kay selling skills from her years as a top sales woman. They harnessed this knowledge to start their businesses.

They had big dreams that started with what they could manage first. They built on their successes and learned from their mistakes. It did not happen over-night. Their success and fortunes grew over the years.

They had goals, serious dreams that they turned into success stories. When opportunities arose they considered these carefully before accepting them. They asked questions like do these opportunities fit into my plans for the future?


David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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