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Top  Reasons to Use a Virtual Mailbox With Your Registered Agent Service

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There are many reasons you may need a separate mailbox service in your business even after you sign up for a registered agent service. It is much easier and convenient for you to operate with one system rather having both.

A Nevada mail forwarding in addition to your registered agent service are reliable tools you can use for managing your business, personal and legal mail in one place. The two under one service provider will be convenient for you whether you are operating mail from home or your office.

What is a Registered Agent

Among the questions that might be crossing your mind, this comes at the top of the list. This is a company or person registered in the same state where you have your business established. They have the responsibility of receiving service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State and notifications from the government. Government notifications may be in the form of lawsuit notices and tax forms.

Registered Agent Services and a Virtual Mailbox – What is The Difference

Registered agent services usually receive and forward legal documents including service of process. They also forward state, government, federal and local mail for the business that the agent represents.

Many of these registered agent services offer the limited mail forwarding options and they handle different kinds of mail including legal documents and lawsuits, government mail from the secretary of state and certified mail.

The registered agent services also help to check our customer check payments also, vendor invoices. The agent do not scan normal business mail. They do not deposit check payments or forward packages. Since you still need to deal with non-legal mail, you require mail processing services or a separate mail provider.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Nevada mail forwarding service that offers a permanent business address for receiving personal or business mail. For you to view the mail the unopened enveloped are scanned and you can then view the mail online when you want to. A virtual mailbox enables you to read your mail no matter your location or the device you are using.

The Advantages of Using Virtual Post Mail as Your Virtual Mailbox and Registered Agent Service

  • Free Registered Agent Services

If you acquire a virtual mailbox, it can still work as your registered agent service. It will receive legal documents for the business. If you want an effective, conducive, convenient and reliable business mail solution, combine virtual post mail registered agent service and a virtual mailbox. You will get the Nevada mail forwarding Service at no cost. The virtual post mail registered agent service is present in each state so no matter where you have your business operating you can still use this tool.

  • Privacy

You will have maximum privacy since the service frees you from using your home address for business mails. Protect your personal details from online searches by using this service. Prevent your home address being listed o public documents. If you use this service, the virtual post mail registered agent will be the one shown in the state’s website and public records available online, thus protecting your private contact.

  • Security

It ensures that all your legal documents are highly secured in Virtual Mail Post. It is a mail provider that does not use any intermediaries to deliver mail from a courier to the operations center. Lack of intermediaries in this process ensures that certain risks are avoided for example theft, damage and loss. Trashed ail is usually shredded to protect your information and each touch point is audited and recorded.

  • Virtual Post Mail

The virtual post mail is registered with Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) that is authorized by the United States Postal Service to handle and process your business mail for you.

In addition to that, sensitive mail goes from their servers while encrypted with bank-level SSL encryption.

You will rest assured that your business mail is under maximum protection at all times with their surveillance monitoring security alarm and camera systems. So apart from it being convenient and reliable, it is also secure.

  • Package Forwarding

There is affordable package forwarding services provided by Virtual post Mail. It is also fast. The packages received have shipping labels, which are scanned for online viewing, and you can manage your packages online the same way you manage your mail.

  • Mail Forwarding

Virtual Post Mail frees you from worrying about missing important, business, personal and legal documents. It enables you to not only forward mail conveniently and easily but also checks, invoices and other documents regardless of our location.

Upon receiving new mail, it is your decision to instruct the service providers to open it, scan it, forward it or destroy it. A Nevada mail forwarding service is a company who act as a private address that receive your mail then forward it to you. You can also send mail using the mail-forwarding feature. They can send the mail to any parts of the world and help your business to maintain that professional outlook. It is a service that will assist you to save a lot of time.


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