What Can We Expect From Free Online SEO Analysis Tools

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Such a tool will give us information about metadata (title/description) headers, images, URL type, canonization, and regarding the links on the page itself, how many and where they point if they give an error.

For the on-page optimization of a specific URL, it is not a bad start, but of course, if our site has many URLs, we surely need something more powerful.

What Kind Of Online Tools Does An SEO Need

Without a doubt, the tools for online SEO analysis that take the cake are the analyzers, the typical SEO audit. Because they give us a general photo of the most important points for correct positioning.

The points they analyze will depend on the tool and the plan we choose. And it is important to compare to choose your tool.

In addition, there is another key variable to take into account when selecting a tool: How many URLs do you analyze?

Both doubts are solved almost by themselves when choosing a free or a paid tool.

A paid tool like Semrush’s Site Audit or Woorank’s premium version will do a previous crawling of the web. It will show in a report the failures they find taking into account all the pages and how they are linked, whereas a free tool will only give you the information on a specific page.

What Does A Payment Analyzer Offer Me

As I have already anticipated, the payment analyzers (let’s say the Semrush Site Audit) will first perform a general crawling of the page, so the result will not be immediate. They will not ban your IP (it happens sometimes).

With this type of SEO analysis tools, at the end of the crawler you will receive a complete report of all the URLs of your site, and this, without a doubt, is a great advantage when launching massive correction actions, but above all, because It will allow you to detect one of the most feared SEO errors, such as thin content.


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