Are Layoffs Always Necessary?

People are losing jobs around the world because of the pandemic, and employees of Hong Kong have also been on the receiving end of it. Especially in sectors such as tourism and hospitality, aviation, etc. where the financial flow is almost nil, we have seen companies retrenching their workers by a large margin. Let us […]

Role of Digitalization in Uplifting Businesses

A lot more minute details are required for company incorporation. Correct information about your new entrepreneur will make your registration go smooth and easy. Well, certain details will have to be arranged in proper coordination such as: E-certification– You will receive emails from incorporation registrar in your used mail box. The email should clearly say […]

Gifts For Teens Birthdays

What is a transitional age? This is when your parents consider you a child and, in your heart,, a lot of ideas, protests, and thirst for everything new! We are often asked with a question: what to give a child? During the conversation, it turns out that the child is a 17-year-old niece or the […]