David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

The Pursuit of Bank Financing

Banks sometimes get undeserved negative reviews among small business owners. Especially in the current climate of tightening credit standards and lending policies, business owners should understand which banks lend what amounts to whom and when. Some banks will not touch a loan below $1 Million. Therefore, if you want a line of credit for $100,000, […]

2010 Florida Alimony Law Amendments

Florida HB 907 made some big changes to Florida alimony laws. These changes apply to new alimony awards entered on or after July 1, 2010. Changes were made to the types of alimony awarded in Florida, the rules for awarding alimony and the legal presumptions a court makes when considering whether to award alimony. There […]

Best Law of Attraction Books Guide

Finding the best law of attraction books in the sea of thousands of different materials can be pretty taxing. There are many great books intended for different people with changing needs and choosing the right one can be very confusing. The best advice I can give, is trying out several different books and deciding which […]

Reasons for Difficulties in China Bearing Industry

Production concentration ratio of China bearing industry is not high. There are more than 1,400 bearing enterprises which have a certain scale in our country. They are mainly in Liaoning Wafangdian, Luoyang city, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, and Shandong Province, etc. And these different regions formed their own industrial clusters. For example, the region of […]