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Memories play a very important role in everyone’s life. If you feel like displaying some of your best memories with your friends or family then choosing the right picture frame is very important.


Only the right picture frame can multiply the beauty of any picture.


There are some points which you need to remember before buying a picture frame.


Sometimes it is very confusing to choose among the various picture frames available in the market but we, at Frames by mail are available to share the correct tips to select the best frame for your artwork.


  • If you are confused between a tabletop picture frame or a wall picture frame then you must consider the surroundings of your house to choose the best picture frame. If there are a lot of bookshelves or study tables in your home then you can plan to occupy some of its space with tabletop picture frames which will enhance the beauty of your room but if there are no bookshelves in the house and you can see a bare wall at your place then isn’t it a great idea to make that wall more attractive by placing wall picture frames on it.


  • After you have decided on the type of frame you need, a very important thing to remember is the size of the picture frame. A correct sized picture frame can only make your place look beautiful. Suppose you are planning for a single picture frame then a big size will go and can be displayed individually on the wall but if you are planning picture frames in bulk to display many photos then a relatively smaller size will be better.


  • One more thing you need to take care of while choosing the perfect picture frame for your house is the interior of the house. Your picture frame must complement the interior of your house. If your house is modified, then black and white picture frames or metallic picture frames will look classier and if your house is more traditional then wooden picture frames are the best to complement. You can also choose something made from ribbed metals, or simple textured woods to complement your traditional look of the house.


At Frames By Mail, you will get a lot of options and guidance to choose the best picture frame for your photos which will add to the beauty of the artwork as well as the house.



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Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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