What to look out for when choosing a domestic helper

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You should know before hiring an 印傭 is that most of them don’t have experience and are untrained. While some are right, some don’t have the desire or the skills to provide high-quality services. 

If you have never hired a foreign domestic worker, it can be a challenging task for you. Inviting a total stranger into your family might be intimidating. So whether it is a live-in or a part-time maid, you have to make sure that you know what to look for before you commit to a house cleaner. 

The following are what you should do:

Have a job description

It would be easier for you to get the right domestic worker if you had a good job description of the type of 印傭you are looking for. Get it listed, everything you need, from the chores that she will perform when she gets employed. You have to be clear regarding her duties, working days, off days, how you will be compensating her,  and the mode of payment.

Recommendation from previous employees

Getting recommendations from where she worked before might be able to give you a clear insight into the domestic helper’s performance and capabilities. But you have to keep in that each family is different, and you should not make a decision just become of one recommendation. 

Domestic help is comfortable with your family

Before you hire a domestic helper, you need to find out if she is comfortable working for you. She has to be comfortable with job duties, your family and other arrangements on your job description.  A happy worker is a good worker and will be very productive in what she is doing compared to one who is unhappy and not comfortable with her job description.

Choose employment agencies well

Be wary of domestic employment agencies who sound too good to be true and whose paper processing seems easy. Though you will be saved of money when you go for the cheap employement agencies in the short run, in the long run, you will encounter a lot of heartaches.

Interview more

The more you interview candidates for the domestic job, the more you will learn and know what you want in a domestic worker. You might, at times, be tempted to sign a help instantly if you think she is good for the job, but you should not stop in asking for another interview if you are not sure.

Helper for kids

In case you want a helper who will take care of your kids, you will need to take them with you to the interview. The one who will connect well with your kids should be the one to be on top of your list for hiring. You should do the same if you are looking for a helper for your elderly parents – bring them to the interview. 

Give a day off

It is important that you should discuss with the maid the importance of her day off and that it is a government requirement that she rests at least one day in the week.


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