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Movie Blogger is an individual who reviews the latest movies. Movie bloggers are often termed as critics; Several companies now hire professionals to create android mobile app (สร้าง แอ พ มือ ถือ แอนดรอย which is the term in Thai) to rate a movie’s script, the actor and actresses’ performance, the director’s work. The public looks up to them for guidance to know whether a certain movie is even worth watching.


The companies are interested to build a hybrid mobile app (สร้าง แอ พ มือ ถือ which is the term in Thai) to rate the different movies. Often the movie bloggers are invited by movie producers to watch their screening and to write a review about it on their blogs. Movie bloggers are also called for brand endorsements and are now easily approachable by the hybrid apps. They have a huge audience base to promote brands successfully. Thus you can use the mobile in the perfect way to watch the movies as well as get the detailed reviews on the same from the articles of the bloggers. However, you must check that the app or the site is authentic and give the true news and reviews.


Start-ups, as well as huge skincare and makeup brands, use movie bloggers to promote their movies and movie-themed products. Many people do not see blogging as a full-time career opportunity, but in the last five years, the blogging industry has seen rapid growth.  Studies show that brands prefer movie bloggers over celebrities to advertise their movies.  While blogging, the blogger needs to keep their genuineness while also promoting the brand. Movie blogging is a great method of advertisement, which is highly impactful as well as more reasonable for the brand.


David Cohen

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

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